Apr 112014

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, we held our annual Egg Hunt and Free Intro Class Event. We had a great turn out this year. We gave out lots of prize baskets, and had a number of local business vendors come out to support the event.

First, our egg hunts were a big success. In addition to the numerous small prizes found in the eggs, many of the eggs contained tickets for either gift baskets or larger prizes that didn’t fit into the eggs. We had two tables full of prizes to give out.


The vendors who graciously took their time to come out provided activities and products that everyone was able to enjoy. We’d like to give a special thank you to all of the vendors who were able to be at the event:


We’d also like to thank all of the parents, students and Target employees that volunteered to help with the event.

We held a bake sale to raise money for victims of domestic violence, and a bone marrow drive to support DKMS.


After the hunts, we offered Free martial arts classes to all of our guests. 3-4 year olds and 5-6 year olds were part of our Mini Ninjas and Little Ninjas groups, respectively, which are you children’s martial arts programs. These guests learned listening positions, basic punches and kicks, lion push-ups and cat sit-ups.

7-9 year olds got their time on the floor to try out our martial arts programs. These students, as well as 10-12 year olds, fall into our Junior Tae Kwon Do program. Junior TKD students learn more detailed martial arts, with more advanced kicks, stances and self defense tactics.

The last group to try out our introductory martial arts classes was the 10 and older group. 10-12 year olds fall into our previously mention Junior Tae Kwon Do group, while the 13 and older students will be part of our adult tae kwon do program. These students also focused on detailed martial arts techniques and self defense tactics.

When it was all done, we ended up having a great day, with lots of wonderful guests who came by to participate in our egg hunt and check out our classes. And thanks again to all of the vendors who helped make this event successful.