Our Leadership Program is designed to help shape our students into future leaders in life. From overcoming shyness to learning the correct ways to instruct peers, Leadership will help them succeed in life.

Our Leadership program is broken down into several components, the most obvious being the Leadership students and the Mentors.

Mentors are green and purple belt students, ages 10 & up, that have a desire to assist their fellow classmates. A Mentor’s task is to work with white and yellow belt students on their material to help the white and yellow belt students earn their stripes and advance through their material. Mentors also evaluate the students techniques, to ensure that the student is fully prepared when stripe testing before Master Crone. Mentors are available before and after classes (time permitting; the Mentors must attend their classes) to assist students.

After being a successful Mentor, students will transition into Leadership classes, under the guidance of Master Crone. Leadership students will learn more in depth teaching techniques, and will eventually be given hands on experience instructing lower belt classes. Leadership students learn how to motivate, how to inspire and how to lead by example.

The Leadership program at its core is designed to build life and social skills. Students who have participated in Leadership have gone on to excel in their education and their careers.