Women’s Self Defense



Don’t Be A Victim!

What would you do in the face of adversity? Do you have the confidence to get out of a threatening situation and get yourself to safety? Our Women’s Self Defense courses will teach you the necessary skills and help build your confidence so that YOU are your own best defense if something – or someone – goes wrong.

The course is tailored to everyday people with techniques you can learn and adopt regardless of your age or size.

Empower yourself and attain a higher level of self-confidence with this one of a kind personal protection course that will teach you life saving skills, including self-escape techniques.

Just some of the topics and techniques covered in our Women’s Self Defense Course:

  • Awareness Tips
  • How To Burglarproof Your Behavior
  • Reading Body Language
  • What To Say And What Not To Say
  • Getting To A Safe Zone
  • Self-Escape Techniques

Schedule your own PRIVATE Self-Defense Seminar

If you have a group of 10 or more friends, co-workers or classmates, we can hold a two hour private Self-Defense Seminar exclusively for your group. Seminars are held Wednesday evenings or Saturday afternoons, but special arrangements can be made. Simply give us a call to find out more information and to reserve your time!